What is the Best Way to clean the car upholstery correctly?

How to clean the car upholstery correctly?

Some time ago we told you the best tips to avoid bad smells in your vehicle and the best tricks to have the interior of your car untouched. In both cases we mentioned the importance of the upholstery, but without emphasizing it. For that reason, today we are going to focus on this issue so that all your doubts about it are resolved.

In the market there are dozens of products that claim to be the best (it does not fail) to clean the car seats. Many of them are specific to certain types of spots. You can find them on the shelves of gas stations, shops specializing in the repair of vehicles and even in the car section of any large area. Among the entire existing offer, there are two ways of acting:

Specific cases

In the car we carry out endless activities that can cause a great variety of stains on the upholstery of our vehicle. The best solution for any type of stain is to act quickly and concisely, but not all are easy to remove and much less must follow the same procedures to eradicate them.

The first step you should take is more than clear: remove the stain from the guy quickly with a little soap and a washcloth, a sponge or paper. Now, after the first assault, what should you do? We leave here what are the following steps to take depending on the type of stain:

  • Mud: Use a dry brush first to remove the fattest. After a while, clean the area again with the brush moistened in water.
  • Chewing gum: It is the most feared along with oil or grease stains. To remove it you must first harden it with an ice and, with care, remove it later with a spatula.
  • Coffee or tea: Who has not had a coffee in the car on the way to work? To end this common stain use cold water and glass cleaner.
  • Chocolate: They are not difficult to remove using liquid soap and a damp cloth. Some people use dry soap, rub and wait a while before rubbing again.
  • Grease or oil: It is without doubt the most feared stain. To get rid of it, there is no effective home remedy but try mixing water with a little degreaser. Remember that they are the most rebellious so there are people who use diluted glycerin to kill them.
  • Vomiting: Advice aimed especially at those who get dizzy on trips and parents with small children. Use soap and water as soon as possible to remove the stain and rub. If you see that you damage the upholstery when rubbing or the unpleasant smell does not go away, go with your car to a site specialized in cleaning interiors, as it is not always totally eliminated. Remember that stomach acids can make upholstery dust, so acting fast is vital.
  • Makeup: For this type of stains the alcohol goes very well. Mix a small amount with the detergent for the washing machine for delicate This mixture is usually sufficient, if there is someone who uses a make-up remover. If you use it, see little by little as it can react and damage the upholstery.
  • Blood: Usually removed with dry foam mixed with salt water or a mild detergent. If the stain is dry, add a little glycerin.
  • Ink: We’ve all been stained once with the pen shirt or pants, the upholstery of the car was not going to be an exception. To eliminate it, combine alcohol and water in equal parts in a container and then apply it on the stain.

General cleaning

Not only is it important to react quickly to each of the spots mentioned above, it is also advisable to take care with some frequency of the state of the upholstery with periodic cleaning. Quiet, this topic is also going to address it in depth so that you do not have any kind of doubt about it.

  1. Surface dirt: In order to achieve a perfect result, you first want the upholstery with the help of a powerful vacuum cleaner. Do not forget each and every one of the folds of the seats, as well as the backrest as this is where more dirt accumulates. Make it inside the seat outside, to facilitate the “drag” of the dirt.
  2. Soap and water: After vacuuming all seats, grab the sponge soaked in soap and water and thoroughly clean the fabric. This does not mean that you do it with such force that you damage the fabric. So, gentle but effective. As with the vacuum cleaner, pass the sponge from the inside out.
  3. Rub: If there are still spots left it is important that you continue cleaning the upholstery but now with the help of dry foam. This type of detergent works like clothes stain removers. Apply it, let it dry and then remove it with a dry cloth. It works wonders with some wet spots.

4. To finish: Remove the foam with a cloth and, for the smallest waste, use a vacuum cleaner (to be able to be of liquids because the result will be perfect). Finally, use a dust trap cloth.

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