Top Four Asiatic Countries to Visit during Holidays

The breathtaking countries of Asia have managed to become extremely popular as travel destinations driving millions of tourists from all across the globe every year. Starting from diverse landscapes such as lofty mountains, luscious forests, pristine beaches, vast deserts, etc. to enriching history, exclusive traditions, and delectable cuisine- there are so many distinguished aspects that allow them to impress all. Let us now move on to learn about a few major Asiatic nations in details.

  • Vietnam is basically a land of breathtaking natural beauty and immense cultural complexities. Compelling and exotic are two distinct adjectives that I would like to use for describing it. Apart from perceiving the beautiful limestone islands and phenomenal cave systems, individuals must also know that every temple located here is influenced from China and India while all state buildings were constructed by French during their rule. Hoi An, Halong Bay, PhongNha-Ke Bang National Park, War Remnants Museum, Son My Memorial, and Imperial Enclosure, are noted tourist attractions of Vietnam.
  • Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar has remained out of the sight of tourists for a long period but has presently opened its shores for everyone. A wide range of gilded pagodas, ancient monuments, temples, and Buddhist monasteries are most significant attractions of this particular nation. All individuals, who have planned to visit Myanmar during the upcoming holidays must make sure to cycle through the dusty roads of Bagan, admire the beauty of Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon that is embellished with gold plates and thousands of precious stones, view the stilt-house villages of Inle Lake, and climb the majestic Mandalay Hill.
  • In the present times, many people are undertaking a family travel to Japan because this East Asian country could captivate the hearts and minds of all types of tourists like nature lovers, adventure seekers, and gourmets. Japan amalgamates tradition and modernity in such a way like it was the most natural thing in this whole wide world. Hiking through vast fields and dense grooves, enjoying water sports in the exceptionally stunning tropical beaches, indulging in the vibrant nightlife of all those dynamic cities, and savoring variety of delicious dishes are certain things that one must do when in Japan.
  • Tropical islands, unique customs, and friendly natives- Thailand is a wonderful combination of innocence and grandeur. There are several reasons due to which people consider visiting this immensely beautiful nation. For instance, some people undertake trips to Thailand to try the different scrumptious dishes having a dominant taste of lime leaves, yellow chilies, lemongrass, etc. A few again wish to relax in the enthralling beaches located here such as Sairee, HaadRin, Lamai, HuaHin, Ko Nang Yuan,Patong, Hat Pramong, Maya, Phra Nang, etc.

Even though there are many enchanting Asiatic nations, the ones stated above have acquired the most recognition lately. If you do wish to pay a visit to any of them, make sure to contact the best touring operators, who would offer high-quality travel packages for a reasonable price.

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