Tips To Stay Healthy During Board Exam

The exam period is never an easy time for students. For most students, it is the most stressful time of the year. It is the time of the year where students eat less or do not eat at all. It is the time when students stay up late studying inside their home. During this stressful time, students usually let bad habits into their routine. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle will make students keep their stress level to a minimum which will help them to achieve their best in their exam.

Students preparing for board exams like CBSE or ICSE often forget to take care of their health, which can lead to catching flu or the common cold. Some tips are given below which can help students to stay healthy during their board examination.

  • Hydration

This is one of the most important parts to stay healthy. If a person is not hydrated properly, he or she loses 20% of his or her mental capacity. Drinking water on a regular basis is one of the key points to stay healthy. It also helps in digestion support and maintains proper blood circulation in the body.

  • Proper sleep

Sacrificing sleep for studying the whole night is not a good habit for students. During the board exams, most students sleep less because of the overwhelming stress and the intensive studying. Students must know that sleep is very important for one’s health and studying whole night for the exam harms the body a lot. Proper sleeping also boosts memorization power. As we sleep, our brain goes through our impression of the day, which is very important for memory formation process. So, students who are trying to learn a new concept can perform better after a proper sleep.

  • Eat healthy

While studying for the board exams, it is common for students to open a pack of chips or heat up a burger or sometimes not eat at all. It is very unhealthy and students can fall ill before their examination. Students must make sure that their diet contains enough nutritious and healthy options. Eating healthy and staying healthy is very important before the exam as it will help students prepare for their exam more effectively.

  • Take breaks

Students are suggested to avoid long study sessions. Along with studying and solving CBSE question papers for class 10 or class 12 for the board exam, it is necessary that students take scheduled breaks. The brain reaches a saturation point when a student studies for long hours. Taking small breaks boost the concentration power of a student and also releases stress during the exam.

Students can follow these tips to stay healthy during their board exam. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch engaging video lessons on various maths and science topics and prepare for the board exams in an interactive way.

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