Why Is Stem Cell Therapy So Popular?

Stem cell therapy is so called because stem cells are used to treat diseases, both serious and not so serious. Some of us may develop either neuromuscular or degenerative disorders and to cure that stem cell therapy has become essential in the new day and age.

These stem cells are taken out or procured from both conventional and unconventional sources. The most common procurement of these cells are from the umbilical cord blood or the bone marrow and they can be used to treat more than 70 diseases.

How much does the therapy cost

The stem cell therapy cost in india is much lower compared to the United States. This is the reason why so many foreigners throng India for the procedure, not only because they’re saving a tremendous amount of money but also because the procedure is highly professional and specialised with no compromise on the quality.

Why is it used

It is used to cure various types of disorders such as:

Hematopoietic disorders are those disorders that have an effect on the bone marrow of the person and that’s when the complications along with diseases such as leukaemia, anemia and thalassemia, arise.

Degenerative disorders as the name suggests, occurs because of the degeneration of the cells of the body, wear and tear of any muscle, organ, cartlige, muscle or fat. The common degenerative disorders are Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis, cardiac failure, stroke and chronic renal failure. The reasons why they occur are multiple but the most common reason is old age. Once you get old your cells along with tissues get degenerated.

The field in India

A lot of progress has taken place in the Indian scenario. Stem Cell Therapy is such an unconventional procedure yet the results of it are more promising and better than most surgeries and not just that, it is cost effective as well. All the recent innovations in science and medicine are being incorporated into this therapy making this field a very fulfilling and exciting one. Research is very important in this field which is the sole reason how it grew so much in the first place.

Why put your cord blood and tissues in a bank?

Nowadays cord blood banks have popped up in abundance because of the growing knowledge of the parents who want to create a safe world for their children. Some families may have a history of a degenerative or hematopoietic disorder and hence it puts their child or children at risk. By saving the cord blood they can be rest assured that the preserved tissues and the cord blood can restore the life of their child to what it was  before.

How does it work?

There is a type of stem cell that is found in the umbilical cord blood and is used to generate and help the cells in the immune system along with repopulating the blood cells that passes through the body.

In this procedure the stem cells replace the degenerated cells with healthy ones, in-turn injecting the body with new blood forming cells helping the person to make a fast recovery.

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