Let’s Know about the Survival Mechanism of Cancer

Cancer is one of the diseases which may be the cause of maximum peoples death. If you follow some basic and useful rule in our life then it is very obvious that we can avoid cancer. Basically, in our body there is always a process is going which is cell formation and destruction of it. Our immune system has a large function in this work. It helps our body to reject the bad cell or damage cell and provide the energy which is very helpful to make a new cell. But if our immune become weak then it has huge chance that we can be get affected by cancer. So the first thing is that we have to keep our immune system strong and healthy. Practice some exercise every day, eat fruit and vegetable in your meals and follow some basic rule to make your body fit and healthy.

The second thing is about our environment. In the many cases, we affected by cancer due to the lots of metallic gas, ions, ultraviolet ray, and gas. We have to make our environment clean and use some advanced technology in the plant for the removal of deadly gas without affected the air. So from our side we can do this things to avoid cancer at our body. Some top cancer hospital in India where you can make the treatment of your serious and infected injury.

There are different types of classification of cancer cells at our body those are:

  • Carcinoma: It is basically the epithical cell of the body which are common cause of cancer at breast, lung, protest, and colon.
  • Sarcoma: At bone, nerve, and cartilage area cancer arise. It is basically at the connecting tissue of the body.
  • Lymphoma or leukemia: It is the blood-forming cell of the body.
  • Germ cell tumor: It is the cause of cancer at overy.
  • Blastoma: It is at the immature precursor or tissue.

How to prevent cancer?

There are many process are available to avoid cancer which are may be vast but not impossible. In maximum case, cancer occurs due to the tobacco, overweight, alcohol, poor diet, sexually transmitted, physical inactivity, air pollution, and infection. There is some rule to avoid cancer:

  • Follow a proper diet to reduce cancer in your body. Keep some fresh fruit and vegetables in our diet every day and maintain the appropriate weight of your body.
  • Regular medication is also great for preventing cancer in our body.
  • To prevent dangerous infection of your body takes the proper vaccine.
  • Follow some screening test of your body and make physical examination like urine test, blood test, medical imaging of your body.

Conclusion: However cancer is very serious diseases and the great treatment of it is provided by our medical science. At the primary stage of cancer, they include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, palliative care, radiation therapy and many more. According to the location, type of your cancer and patients health they do the treatment of you. At the initial stage of cancer it curative but it reaches its advanced stage then it is very difficult to recover from this disease.

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