The holistic learning model

Considering the various factors which make a school most sought after destination for entering the most significant phase of life it is really worthy that it follows application based learning, enable students to acquire comprehensive social skills, develop community feeling, enhance ethical values, enable attaining  high academic standard, empower students acquire ability to interact in global community, follow holistic learning model, encourage students to develop latent talent and get active in sports activities. All inclusive campuses with beautiful natural surrounding provide an ideal inductive environment which motivates the students inculcate the values of life. It needs a special mention that the syllabus followed in such school is most recognized with relation to national and international perspective.

Supporting environment induces proper self development

A school campus situated in serenity filled mountain foot hill itself provides the natural impetus to get motivated to participate in the interactive model of learning. The course curriculum also encourages the students to develop healthy challenging attitude to inculcate the spirit of holistic learning and lifestyle. The facilities include exhaustively stocked library, modern equipment incorporated laboratories, and technology embedded classrooms, updated computer section, opportunity to participate in interactive seminars, debates and workshops, regular faculty guidance, improvement in leadership quality, opportunity to get involved in community activities, access to international academic network and development of overall humane personality.

Overall knowledge

The academic curriculum not only encourage decisive thinking which leads to the improvement of the level of understanding life, its values ,the global academic scenario and at the same time it motivates the students to plan the future career. The learning model also takes into account enhancement of the awareness with relation to environment and the inherent talents are harnessed in affordable boarding schools in dehradun so that the student can live up to their full potential. The students can conveniently appear in the various international examinations. In the process the students get connected to the international universities so that they can pursue higher studies abroad. The hostels accommodate such spacious rooms and one can find a family like atmosphere, the surrounding environment is quite inductive to improve the interpersonal skills and achieve self development.

Nurturing the potent talents

The students are encouraged with relation to excellent variety of outdoor and recreational activities like swimming, yoga, athletics ,horse riding, skating, basketball, football and many more other sports. This is how all the human faculties in the students are nurtured and grown in best boarding schools in dehradun and mussoorie for overall development of the students. Now there are various other cultural activities held like staging dramas on various issues, curriculum oriented quiz, inter class debates and regular cultural program.

 Inculcating human values

Such holistic models of learning not only ensure bright academic record in the future but it provides the most basic inputs with relation to value based self development. The young students are the future of the nation so if they develop a responsible, socially committed, knowledge rich and versatile personality which in future apart from individual prosperity they can contribute substantially to the society.

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