Electronic Gifting options for a loved one

Wishing your friend at exactly 12 AM is only the tip of the ice berg. Finding the perfect gift for them is where we all start to scratch our heads. We spend days thinking of the perfect gift. Sure we want to gift something elegant, something really valuable, and useful to that specific person.

However we are on a tight budget, after all its just a gift. Well, let’s look at few options that we can choose as a perfect gift. These may vary from person to person. What might suit you, may not suit someone else. For instance, you might like a Micromax 32inch LED TV compared to someone who would love a toaster. Anyways, let’s get into the list-

Bluetooth Speakers:

There is not a single person who dislikes music. One might not like a certain type of music but overall, everyone has an ear for music. Weather it’s a campfire with friends near a lake or a house party or maybe you are cooking in your kitchen. An urge for music can pop anytime. For those situations and more, Bluetooth speakers are the best. There a lot of affordable speakers from Xiaomi that will fall in your budget. So gift your friend a speaker and sing along.

Mobile Phones:

A mobile phone! Those are so costly! Well, I would contradict. There are cost effective phones from Xiaomi, Micromax, Oppo and more. When you look at your friend who has been using a phone for quite some time now or your family member who needs an extra phone, or a teenager in your family who is ready for their first phone, a cellphone is never a bad option for gifting if you think it through. So, yes consider gifting a cost effective mobile phone to your loved one. Again, it totally depends on the situation and necessity of the phone in your friends or family member’s life.


Absurd! I know this might be the first word in everyone’s mind. But again, let’s take a step back and think. A television can be a good gifting option if your loved one is moving into a new house. Otherwise too, your friend/ family may have a television for the living room but a small 32 inch Tv in either of the rooms can be a good option. There are a lot of pocket friendly options to choose from starting with Micromax 32inch LED TV which can be a perfect fit for a room. A television can always be the best gifting option if placed correctly. One needs to know the time and place for it.

These would be my top picks for gifting your loved one’s an electronic item. Bluetooth speaker being my top choice since it can be used anywhere anytime.  So next time when it’s your friend’s birthday or a festival with your family, you can always keep in mind these options. Remember not to go over budget, be smart, and choose brands that offer best quality in affordable price.

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