Effective Tips for Boosting Email Subscribers with the Use of Instagram

Most marketers have a fascination for email marketing and they have a deep love for Instagram. However, marketers do not usually incorporate both Instagram and email marketing together in their marketing campaigns. Statistics reveal that only 14 percent of the marketers actually use social media pictures in their email marketing endeavors. Moreover, marketers are known to be leveraging Instagram content even less than 3 percent of the times.

One online retail company experimented recently with incorporating Instagram pictures for driving purchases and impressions from their email marketing promotions, and the magical blend resulted in a 7 times increase in the site’s engagement levels. In fact, remember to acknowledge social media platforms and emails as simply two distinctive sides of the one and the same coin. Both social media platforms and emails have their individual worth but integrating both could be spelling wonder. One such impressive social media platform seems to be Instagram that has grabbed consumer attention with more than 800 million users interacting actively on a monthly basis.

Even though Instagram offers the social marketers an instant opportunity for accessing a whole lot of dedicated brand fans, you simply cannot deny the role of email marketing. Remember that email is supposed to be the most direct and straightforward line of communication between a business organization and its targeted audience. Moreover, emails are definitely, here to stay for a while. So the best way for a digital marketer like Gramista is to exploit Instagram effectively as a funnel via which effective leads could be generated.

Here are effective ways of using Instagram to boost your email audience.

Build a Landing Page Specifically for Instagram Traffic

Instead of having a link taking customers to your website directly, you could redirect them to a separate landing page from which you can easily obtain a lead magnet. This way, you can gauge the success of your marketing campaigns accurately and also avoid confusing customers. On submitting a name and address, customers are able to access valuable content for free, and you have leads to contact through email campaigns like newsletters and soft sells. With this repository of customer emails, you’re all set.

Offer a Lead Magnet

You need to have a meeting with your staff. Deliberate over what are the things that could matter most in your customers’ lives. Think hard and think critically about the various issues and problems that they encounter. Ask yourself about what could be the information they are lacking in. Are they genuinely in need of something? You may not be in a position to solve all existing issues, but at least, try tackling a precise problem and consider providing an effective solution in the form of what is termed as the lead magnet.

Lead magnets may come in diverse sizes and shapes right from e-books, worksheets, coupons, and mini-courses etc. The worth of your chosen featured content freebie should make others mumble to themselves ‘what a steal’. For obtaining the lead magnet offered by you, customers would be initially seeing promotional posts present on the Instagram platform, go straight to your Instagram bio and thereafter, click on your precise clickable link for obtaining it.

Include a Strategic CTA That Is Really Powerful

Last but not the least, you must include a really enticing and powerful CTA or call-to-action strategically placed within your Instagram bio and also on Instagram posts. You are sure to enjoy a boost in clicks and downloads. Without an awesome CTA, your exact obtained emails number is bound to go down. Concentrate on coming up with a short, yet effective and powerful CTA, the best way of inviting your users to actually click on the existing landing page link. Thus, creating a connection and a strong emotional bond with your brand.


Content could still be regarded as the king. Moreover, social media marketing could still be the hottest and most effective marketing trend. However, you must keep in mind that email marketing is your partner on a long-term basis. It is very much here to stay. It pays to combine the above-discussed ways for an exceptionally brilliant digital marketing output.

Author Bio: Nancy Parker is an experienced SEO professional at a reputed SEM firm. She has written numerous articles on how companies must effectively leverage social media marketing. She recommends Gramista for Instagram success.

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