Coir Rugs To Compliment Your Room With Rustic Style Design Elements

Rugs are entirely an option which has potential to effortlessly transform your home and its rooms. That’s the stimulus that Coir Rugs bring and why they are considered to be best natural flooring or furnishing for your home; as it acts as a multi-tasking endowment, capable to enhancing style and hiding imperfections in one chic. If truth be told, it is recommended to be the best home furnishing substance that not only give your home warmth and coziness but enhance the beauty of your décor and match up perfectly.

Coir is basically a resilient, hard fiber essentially found between the husk and outer shell of a coconut palm and separated by soaking it in the warm and gentle water until the longer bristles can be removed in association to making it softer and usable to woven number of products which includes sustainable and most durable rugs etc. This is still relatively rare and harder to find as compared to other options. Coir rugs made up with the husks of coconuts can be an incredibly robust and longer lasting flooring option that might be just a perfect furnishing for your home. The husk actually contain elastic and extremely strong fibers which is spun into yarn after harvesting and soaking for months then beaten and dried.

One of the great things when you go with Coir Rugs to your home is, it is hard wearing yet soft to the touch and give your floor coziness and actually create a soft, luxurious surface under your foot. These are perfect for almost every area and especially areas that receives high traffic as they are resistant to wear and tear. In fact you can say, it is the ideal alternative especially for those floors that cannot withstand heavy wear.

There is a range of expediency to prefer Coir Rugs for your home or office, which are as:

  • Rugs made up with Coir are 100% organic, biodegradable, ethnic and hygienic.
  • Extremely tough and sturdy, resistant to rot, moulds and moisture
  • Though, little coarse in texture but is allowed to retain moisture for longer to preserve its natural elasticity.
  • Due to coarse texture they are fairly water resistant while other natural fiber carpets or rugs are not. And this feature makes coir rugs such a useful furnishing for wet areas in your home.
  • They are naturally insect repellent, due to the properties present in its natural coconut oils.
  • As compared to other natural rug options coir rugs are relatively inexpensive and are easy on your pocket.
  • These rugs are comparatively low maintenance hence looked-for only occasional vacuuming to retain it in tip top shape.

Although, a number of individuals assume that natural carpeting or rugs will attract bugs; and it is possible sometimes but coir rugs actually does the opposite. This is the reason it is absolutely safe even for kids and people with some kind of allergies.

Floor Space in this respect, provide an exclusive assortment of Coir Rugs prepared using the latest technology and advance. You simply place your order and make sure to adding the textured furnishings with an absolutely safe substance.

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