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For any female the pregnancy is a new phase that brings lot of challenges to the body and mind. The happiness of being mother and giving birth to a new life brings tremendous joy but at the same time this also brings changes to the body that cause a lot of troubles to some females. But before thinking about all this one also needs to check if she is indeed pregnant or not. Doubtlessly the first thing that comes to one’s mind is checking the same with a pregnancy detection kit readily available from a medical shop. But what if one does not get any such kit? Well, nothing to worry as there are some homely options also available.

Mustard Powder: Mustard powder is also found in majority homes. It is used in number of dishes and hence one can found the same in market also easily. To use this option you need to take some mustard powder may be 100 grams and add to the bathtub. The water in the bathtub must be hot while adding the mustard powder. Now mix the powder well and sit in the tub for around 45 minutes. After waiting for 48 hours the period must start or may feel pain in the abdominal area. If still the period is not there that means you are pregnant. Hence be prepared to have an added member to your family.

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Vinegar:This is one more commonly found item that one can use to check the state of pregnancy. It is also not a cost effective option and hence one can get some vinegar from the market. However, before using the vinegar for detecting pregnancy you must see that it is not expired, than only it can offer the expected result.  To check the state of pregnancy you just need to take some vinegar and add the morning fresh urine to it. If the color changes, that means the baby is on the way and your body is preparing for it now. If the color of the mix remains same that means there is no pregnancy and live the life as you are living.

Toothpaste: One who wants to get some of the common items for the pregnancy detection can go for the use of toothpaste. It is probably the most common item one can found in every home. Here one must note that it should be white toothpaste and not colored or gel one. To check the state of pregnancy one needs to take toothpaste of two spoons and mix the same with fresh urine of the morning. If the color of the mix changes to blue, it makes you joy as you are going to be mother soon. If there is also layer of foam, you can take it as a positive sign of pregnancy.

The pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life and much crucial for a female. The above symptoms can help you know the pregnancy in early stage that can help you to prepare mentally and physically to welcome the baby. For more such informative articles visit article writing services.

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