How You Can Design a Wonderful Tattoo over Your Scar

It is quite challenging to have a tattoo over the scar that you have. But, you can hide your wound with a meaningful permanent design. When the artist is designing the tattoo, he should work carefully over the boundaries of the wound so that it gets perfectly hidden. One important thing you should keep in mind is the difference between the scar tissue and the normal skin layer. It is normal that scars capture the ink in a different way than the normal skin. This means that the tattoos might turn out something dissimilar.

Though in hiding process of the scar extra work is involved, the tattoos help in embracing your scars and also makes you love your personal story. However, it is always suggested to do the tattoo from an eminent artist who is having many years of experience and knowledge in this field. You should discuss the designs that will help to hide the scars before opting for the process.

A Brief Idea of the Tattoo Design

This is the creative and fun part of the whole tattooing process. The scar each one of us has is extremely unique and thus a particular design should be selected to hide the wound in the right manner. The design should be such that it suits your artistic style and also match up with the scar contours. As per the renowned artists around the world, the tattoo lover should choose the design that has depth and texture for the perfect blending of the scar. The designs that go perfectly in hiding the scars are of flowers, fish scales, snake-like skin, flowers etc. The first and the foremost step is the designing of the tattoo. There are some styles that go better with the scars than the others. It is best to avoid the styles that have bold black lines as like the traditional and the tribal tattoos. The next is to find a good design that mimics the shape of the scar. You should find out something that sounds meaningful to you.

Discuss the Type of Scar

The type of scar determines the design of the tattoo. Be sure that you share the depth and the intensity of the scar with the artist before he starts to design it. As per the reputed tattoo artist, the severity of the scar should also be kept in mind. If the wound is new, further making the tattoo can cause irritation and bleeding. Some of the things that should be considered are- how severe are the scars? Is it is a burn scar? Is it scar is from a cut? How intense is the scar? These questions should be answered before you are opting for a tattoo over the scar.

Work With the Artists

As per the artist, you do not have to cover up the scar with the tattoo; rather you can incorporate new designs over it. When you are working with a professional tattoo parlour, you should first send a draft of the design and then sent the picture of the scar. This will help the artist to determine the style and design of the tattoo over the wound.

After deciding, you should keep the shape and size of ink design in mind. You can search for designs online as well. The Bali ink tattoo designs are quite popular among the tattoo lovers and thus they choose the ink shops at Bali to get the best designs at an affordable rate.

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