How to Buy Gold Jewellery in Melbourne

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As one of the most beautiful and wearer-friendly ornament, gold jewellery never goes out of fashion. This amazing metal is also long lasting and is capable of retaining its value over time hence buying it can be considered as an investment. When you own a good piece of gold jewellery, you can pass it down to several generations. Knowing how to buy gold jewellery is, therefore, very important. But as compared to other pieces of jewellery, buying gold can be a bit expensive. You, therefore, need to research well and buy wisely so as to keep the best pieces. Here is how to buy gold jewellery in Melbourne.

Know the purity standards and determine the right one

The value of gold is normally determined by its fineness. This is usually measured in terms of karats. It’s very important to know this and determine the one that suits you. Depending on what you want to use the gold for, you need to choose the best purity. If you intend to wear it daily you may want to consider 9k.

You need to know about the metals it’s mixed with

When shopping for gold, it’s also important to know about its alloys. Since pure gold is not suitable for daily wear, other metals are often mixed with it to make it long lasting. Adding other metals also allows jewellers to alter its color. For instance, nickel or palladium can easily be added to gold to create white color.
Consider buying second hand

Just like purer varieties, second-hand gold is cheaper. This refers to a jewellery that is of the same material but has been used before. The good thing is that gold retains its value over time and can be on-sold if need be. By buying second hand you can acquire gold jewellery closer to the gold value.

Find a reputable dealer

When shopping for gold jewellery, it’s very important to choose a reputable dealer. If you choose an independent dealer, you need to do enough research and ensure that you are dealing with the best company. Do not hesitate to ask them about their proof of certification and other credentials and if they stock gold jewellery items.

Check out the markings

Just like other jewelleries gold also have a hallmark that shows that it’s real gold. This is usually found in inconspicuous places such as the inside of the ring. If you are finding any difficulty, ask your jeweller where to find them. These markings will indicate things such purity, alloys and the size of the ring.

Cross check the pricing and negotiate making charges

The price of gold is usually determined based on its purity. This price changes every day depending on the market rate. It’s, therefore, important to always cross check the prices so that you can end up with the best price. Since jewellery involves labor costs, most jewellers usually pass this charge to the customers. You need to consider this when shopping gold jewellery in Melbourne. As mentioned earlier buying second hand gold jewellery can save you on the labor.

Well, this is basically how to buy gold jewellery in Melbourne. Before making a purchase, do a good research to ensure that you buy the best gold jewellery. If you have the right information you will definitely end up with the best jewellery.

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