Benefits and Drawbacks of Traveling Alone

Traveling solo can be a rewarding experience but most people don’t go down that road for a number of reasons. Who can blame them? Some parts of the world can be quite dangerous for solo travelers, especially females. In this article, we are going to see some advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone. But whatever choice you make, don’t forget to take out a travel insurance policy. You’ll need someone to watch your watch and that is exactly what a good travel insurance policy can do for you. First, we’ll discuss the benefits.

Traveling alone gives you utter freedom

When you are alone on the road, you don’t have to worry about the comforts or complaints of your co-travelers. You can visit offbeat places that you may not be able to convince a co-traveler to visit with you. You can stay in more affordable hotels, eat wherever you want and generally do a lot of other things you won’t be able to do with a co-traveler hanging on your back.

You’ll become a more confident person

When you are traveling with other people, you can afford to relax a bit because your partner will shoulder some of the decision making burden. But when you are traveling alone, you don’t have anyone watching your back. So if you think you are a shy person, traveling solo is just the thing that can force you outside your comfort zone. Over time, traveling solo can make you are a more confident person and you’ll learn to deal with all sorts of people. Let’s see some of the disadvantages of traveling solo.

It is riskier to travel alone

Traveling alone can expose you to more experiences that you probably won’t have if you are with a partner or larger group. But some parts of the world are very dangerous for solo tourists and in these areas, you risk the danger of being mugged, kidnapped, defrauded or cheated. The threat of danger is probably the main reason why most people don’t prefer to travel alone, especially women travelers. So when you are traveling alone, you always have to be on your toes and vigilant, so you don’t get into any tight spots.

You will have to bear all the expenses

One of the biggest benefits of traveling with a partner is you can split food and lodging costs. Solo travelers are usually charged more for the same services than a couple or a group. Moreover, as a solo traveler, you won’t be eligible for couple or group discounts in some places. Another major negative is, you won’t have anyone to share your experiences with. Sharing experiences with a loved one on a trip, is one of the great joys of traveling.

Traveling exposes us to new experiences and customs, broadens our mind and makes us more appreciative of the world as a whole. Traveling solo can be a great experience but only when you plan it properly. But if you plan to travel solo, be very careful. Plan out every aspect of your tour so that you are not exposed to any unnecessary danger. Always take out a travel insurance policy before you go abroad, so you have peace of mind when you are traveling, knowing someone has got your back covered.

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