Beautiful Earring and Ring Designs for Women

Are you looking for adding that bold finish to your look? Ensemble those gold studs with a stud ring and showcase your style. Now, you can mix and match the antique and modern accessory, thanks to the triumphant return of the 18th-century maximalism to fashion jewelry – we are talking about those eclectic, art-inspired shapes, rainbow stones, and the pearl pieces.

Let’s explore the range of beautiful ladies gold ring designs:

  • Gold Bands are must have ‘charm’ accessory for every woman. Simple yet elegant, it is sufficient to complete your look for any occasion.
  • Stud Rings usually come with a single or a cluster of diamond. These are the stylish rings that ideal for that stunning look of modern Moreover, these rings are in popular demand among couples planning to get married.
  • Three stone rings have been known for their royal nuptials and have always been a sparkling when it is about the selection of an engagement ring. Solitaire does stand out but gemstones like aquamarine, topaz, and sapphire still shine around with their classic charm.
  • Twisted &Braided Gold Rings are very special among gold rings. It absolutely and enticingly enhances the beauty of the wearer and adds an oomph factor to your personality. It is perfectly designed for everyday use.

Following are the gold earring designs that are suitable for each covetable category:

  • Hoops have always been the trendsetter. For a girl-like look, try pairing two sizes in one ear, or wear them with a little-added flare, like diamond or pearl accents.
  • Ear Studs are incomparable with long earrings. They look impressive that suit every attire and make an impression that is mesmerizing.
  • Drop earrings are the top choice for every women for any festive occasion as these come with gemstone, charms or beads attached directly from the base of the earring that sway with the movement.
  • Huggie and clip earrings are smaller in size but look royal and are made of gold, pearl, sapphire and rubies. Huggies hug through the earlobes when worn whereas clip-on earrings are distincly and subtly screwed onto the outter area of your earlobe rather than being inserted into the pierced hole.

Rings and earrings are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe. These pieces of jewellery are must to complete that ravishing look. If you are missing on any one of the above jewellery styles, then go and shop the jewel picks of every style today. Do not forget, accessory is as important as your red lipstick or a pair of jeans.

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