ARForms best word press form builder plugin in 2018

Majority of site owners use the word press CMS to develop their sites mainly due to the ease and functionalities offered by it and the huge community of word press developers worldwide. One such very much use feature on these sites are the forms. Whether to gather user data or to take some input, forms serve a wide array of purposes. They can be either created by coding or by using some rebuilt word press plugins. ARforms is one such form builder plugin which has gained near to 5000 customers within a short while of it’s launch owing to it’s wide variety of forms available, various tools integration, several other addons and a whole bunch of additional features to ease the way for a site owner.

Among the bunch of features that it offers, the core ones are :-

Material style forms with standard style and rounded style input which enhances the form appeal very much.
All the forms including multi step and model forms are fully responsive.
Unlike most this has built-in pop up plugin which eliminates the need for such. It has various triggers within such as page load, on exit , on timer etc.
For large data entry purposes it offers multi step as well as survey forms.
It has an analysis tool with charts and country specific data.

Not just this, it incorporates advanced conditional logic as well as mathematical logic rules to compute the input on forms. Conditional law is very useful for hiding options, fields or entire pages of forms based on the input of one or more fields and conditions associated with it. And no extra technical knowledge is required for the same. Also you can perform a whole array of mathematical functions on user input ranging from calculating totals to computing averages and much more.

Along with this, it has four submissive actions too:

Conditional form submission
Duplicate entries prevention
Form hiding after submission
Date range based restriction

Below are the whole wide array of features it possesses:

Allowing the user to edit entries after form submission and thus correct a mistake or change inputs.
It auto-saves the form as it progresses thus a user can fill a partially filled form later.
You don’t have to go over captcha again and again as it protects against spam without the need for it.
Recently in the latest version, ability to upload multiple files was also added.
You can open pop-up forms directly using navigation menu.
Auto filing of forms when loaded.
It allows to format any field using regular expressions.
You can add a tool tip function to guide your user through forms with visual aid.
You can easily import/export data or entire forms too.
You can choose any font you like from the huge google font library it offers.
Also in latest version custom image for radio and checkbox has been added.

Also a bunch of email tools are integrated within with options for both api and web version.

Get response
Constant Contact
i Contact
Mad Mimi

It sends auto notifications to admin and other email address provided in form after submission. It provides short codes to pull values from input fields within the form to make the emails relevant. It also has smtp.

It provides few addons too at an additional price for adding extra functionality to forms.

PayPal/PayPal pro
Using the papal plugin you can integrate form entry process and payment process in single one.You can also accept payments via it and pro version allows the facility of recurring payments too.

User Signup
This allows the user registration and profile editing along with changing and retrieval of password from front-end.
To bypass merchant accounts or payment intermediaries such as paypal, you can use stripe to directly process credit cards with much less hassle.

PDF Creator
It’s a PDF document with very powerful features which can create pdfs with user submitted data.

This is another direct credit card processing method without having to go via payment gateways.

Mail poet & Mailster
Both of these help you to create subscribers for your mailing list after form submission.

It allows you to easily collect signatures of your users.

Digital Download
You can use this to download any kind of digital product soon after form submission.

You can use this to send sms notifications via these payment gateways: Twilio, Nexmo, Clickatell, SMSGlobal.

Below is the video where you can see the entire interface and detailed functions of arforms plugin. It shows not just the overview but the enhanced detailing and the huge options available for everything. You can see how much customization and functions we offer as compared to others.

We also have very extensive support and installation knowledge base to help users through any problem. From the basic features to creating a form, using addons or problems with mail integration, we have made sure to cover everything in depth. Step by Step instructions to every step of using the plugin are provided.

And if users come across any problems that aren’t covered somehow or need assistance, our support is just a click away. Our team makes sure that customers don’t feel any issue at any point of time.

And the best part about us is that we offer you to test our product first without any registration or trial needed.

What are you waiting for know, get your hands on it and if you think something is missing, let us know, we will make sure to add it in future versions.

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