5 Steps to a Healthier You

We’re constantly exposed to toxic substances in the food we eat and even in the air that we breathe. And our overall lifestyles are unhealthy as can be. But here are 5 steps to reduce some of the toxic exposure and unhealthy habits in our lives.

Wash your linens, dude

Your cosy bed has a few secrets you can’t see with your eyes: it’s covered with dust mites. They’re a major allergy trigger and they love to hang out between your sheets. Get rid of them by laundering sheets and pillowcases every week in hot water. Here’s one more thing you can do: use mattress and duvet covers to keep these unwanted guests out of your bed.

Ditch conventional beauty products

Your hygiene is vital, but don’t let it come at a price to your health. Most conventional personal care products are packed with dangerous ingredients like parabens and phthalates. The better choice is to opt for all-natural personal care products that are formulated without artificial chemicals. If you need a brand with 100% pure ingredients you ought to check out Sunshine Organics. They have the most natural ingredients you could hope for.

Switch to natural dish soap

Ingredients in conventional dish soap are more dangerous than you might think. Many of them are linked to cancer and in addition they are harmful to the environment. Make sure you get a dish soap that doesn’t leave behind a chemical film on your dishes. Your best option is to opt for an all natural is Yaya Maria’s. This is a product with a formula that is easy to understand. Just 6 all-natural ingredients and you won’t need a chemistry degree to understand them.

Eat mindfully.

Your life is busy and there isn’t much time to cook. So you often end up scarfing meals at your desk in front of your computer screen. But no matter how stressed you are take a moment to slow down. Try to breathe between bites, and don’t forget to stop eating when you’re full. You’ll end up feeling much better.

Protect your ticker with sleep

Now that you know how to keep your bed clean here’s another tip to improve your health. Get enough sleep. Skimping on sleep only makes you cranky and unproductive. And most importantly, it boosts your risk of a heart attack. Lack of sleep triggers your body to release more stress hormones. High levels of stress hormones have been linked with increased blood pressure and even diabetes. Both of these are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. When you lack sleep, you’re also more likely to make unhealthy choices. These put your heart at even more risk. Examples are skipping your workout and opting for fatty and sugary snacks instead to gain some extra energy.

These 5 tips should make it easy for you to maintain your health. If you add a healthy died to this mix then you’re on a great path to giving your body a five-star treatment that will lead to a healthy and a long life.

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